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Dear songwriters and music fans,

round 4 of the Song Contest "Dein Song für EINE WELT!" (Your song for ONE WORLD) has begun. It is the first and only music competition focussing on development policy. It is always said that “the sound makes the music” and in this case, our Song Contest is a wonderfully creative accompaniment to the School Competition on Development Policy "Alle für Eine Welt – Eine Welt für alle" (all for one world – one world for all).

Because it is about our joint future, therefore it is also about your future! Particularly in current times, we have become aware that global phenomena and topics influence our daily lives. We are facing massive global challenges that we can only solve together:

To ensure this ONE WORLD is preserved for you and future generations. And so that this world becomes more just. That can only be achieved when each one of us takes responsibility for our planet and our co-existence.

The global community has set clear aims with the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Agenda 2030 and the Paris Climate Agreement. For me as the development minister, I also want to know: What do children and young people think about the most urgent matters of our time? How do you imagine the future in ONE WORLD? Where do you see solutions? What gives you hope? But also: what do you think is going wrong?

Your fantastic entries to the School Competition and the Song Contest have shown in every round that you think carefully, see complex connections and have great messages and much talent. That is great! I am very impressed by your commitment to development policy.

Please participate in the Song Contest 2021! Be creative: what affects you in our ONE WORLD – what do you want to effect? What are you curious, optimistic or perplexed about?

Write, sing, jam, rock or rap – and then record your own songs.

The winning song – the EINE WELT song (ONE WORLD song) – will become the musical anthem to the tenth round of the School Competition on Development Policy 2021/2022. During studio recordings, workshops and coaching, the winners will get to know music professionals and other participants.

I am looking forward to your music, your songs and your messages. Thank you for this new round – and stay in touch!