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left until the grand finale!

Save the Date: December 9, 2023 | 6 pm

On this page we will stream live from the grand finale of the Song Contest from the Basecamp in Bonn on December 9, 2023 from 6pm (Central European Time). Be online when our celebrity jury decides which will be the new EINE WELT-Song (ONE WORLD song) and experience the live debuts of our top 5 songs on the big stage.

So mark the date and save the page as one of your favourites!

These are the top 5

From 674 songs submitted, these artists made it into the top 5 and will perform their songs for ONE WORLD live on the big stage for the first time on December 9, 2023.

„Keine Gewinner“

More about the song


by Liuz

More about the song


„На світло“ (Zum Licht)
by Mashuka

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„A Letter To My Girl“
by Neele & Joci

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„Kinder der Welt“
by Shayla & Filo

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The jury

A jury team - consisting of independent experts from the fields of education and music - will decide at the grand finale which song will be the new EINE WELT-Song (ONE WORLD song).

Silke Bell

Deputy Rapporteur of the Standing Conference
of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs

Natalie Bonds


Dave Davis

Cabaret Artist and Music Producer

Klaus Schilling

National Coordination
UNESCO Associated Schools Germany

Claudia Wanner

Press officer VdM
Verband deutscher Musikschulen e.V.

This is the host

The event will be hosted by Song Contest patron and KiKA presenter Jess, who already had the opportunity to listen to the songs during the first main jury.

Her conclusion:
"These kids have something to say and they want to say something. They should dare to try to change something, because every little bit helps the big picture and the whole ONE WORLD."

This promises strong messages and diverse songs!