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The registration tool is unlocked: Submit your song now! |

Is your song for ONE WORLD already finished and are you burning to get your ideas on ONE WORLD heard? Perfect timing! From now, you can submit your song very easily online using our registration tool! Before submitting, ensure that you have thought of everything! Here is an overview of the most important criteria:

  • You are aged between 10 and 25,
  • You come from Germany or one of the Global South countries listed on the DAC list,
  • Your song is no longer than 3:50 minutes and
  • It addresses global topics. (Our understanding of global topics can be found on our Finding a topic page)

You can find the full Terms of Participation for the Song Contest here.

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Have you checked everything and want to submit your song? Let’s get started! Click here go directly to registration and to login tool!

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If you are not quite ready, no worries. You have until the closing date on 16th June 2021 to submit your song for ONE WORLD. Do you have questions before submitting or are you experiencing technical difficulties in submitting your song? Then get in touch with the Song Contest Team in our office.

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