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Patrons and supporters

Adel Tawil

Adel Salah Mahmoud Eid El-Tawil aka Adel Tawil can look back on a 20-year career as a musician. Born in Berlin as the son of an Egyptian father and a Tunisian mother, he already discovered his love for music as a child. The big breakthrough, which made him known throughout Germany, came in 2005 with his duo Ich + Ich.

Since 2013, Adel Tawil has been working solo, thus fulfilling a long-cherished dream. Following his first solo album "Lieder" (Songs) from 2013, his new album "so schön anders" (so wonderfully different) will be released in spring 2017. It not only embodies his musical career but is also a very personal album. Adel Tawil is above all a singer who lives the songs he sings: "I've simply told everything that's happened to me. I've written about what I've seen in the world, in Europe and on the outer borders of Europe, in Egypt. I've written about what concerns me and probably a lot of people."

With his commitment, he wants above all to be a role model who, together with other artists, overcomes barriers and promotes a peaceful coexistence.

Shout Out: Adel Tawil.


Fargo's music is probably best described with the title of his début album "Einfach sein" (Be simple): rap without frills with a clear message. Namely: Focus on what really counts in life – friends, love and fantasy instead of an addiction to consumption. Fargo himself says: "I just put rap on an instrumental and raise my voice for all that which moves me." Then add heavy beats and wind instruments, and the perfect feel-good music is ready.  

Fargo's musical career already began at the tender age of six as a duet partner for Andrea Berg and Christina Bach. He quickly realised, however, that his true love is hip hop. As a rapper, he first drew attention to himself as the front man for "The Love Bülow", before launching his solo career in 2015. Fargo is also known for his "Raportage", in which he reports on current events in the "The Voice of Germany" TV casting show.

Fargo has supported the song contest since the first competition, where he helped with the opening song and the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) Festival.

Shout Out: Fargo.


Cross is a rapper, beatboxer and singer. The 25-year-old from Kreuzberg with Libyan/Syrian roots discovered his love for music at an early age and began his career in the classic way, as an instrumentalist. CROSS has celebrated his first successes as a beatboxer and wowed audiences at the German Human Beatbox Championships. Cross has honed his rap skills and impresses not only as a beatbox artist, but also as a rapper and singer.

The full-blooded entertainer is at home on stage, and has demonstrated his skills as a support act for artists such as Culcha Candela, Aventura, Sean Paul, Black Eyed Peas, Flow Rider, Timati and Taio Cruz.


Jamie-Lee, the singer with the crazy hats, will be known to most people at the very latest since her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Now aged 19, her breakthrough came in the fifth season of The Voice of Germany in 2015. Jamie-Lee became instantly recognisable with imaginative, animé- and Korea pop-inspired stage outfits that have become her trademark look.

Jamie-Lee also managed, however, to impress the audience and jury musically, and was the run-away winner of the season finale. She then went on to win Germany's national pre-qualification round for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 with equal bravura.

Animal rights is an issue that is particularly important to Jamie-Lee: she has been vegan for several years and is an ambassador for the PeTA animal rights organisation. Her greatest dream? To emigrate to Korea and continue her musical career there – in the midst of the artists who inspired her. 

Shout Out: Jamie-Lee.

Jeannine Michaelsen

Jeannine Michaelsen, a trained musical performer and actress from Cologne, has been active as an all-rounder in the German media landscape since 2008. She has become a familiar face, for example, through presenting German TV shows such as "Joko vs. Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt", "Die beste Show der Welt", "Ponyhof" and "Teamwork-Spiel mit deinem Star".

Her work as a presenter has often led her into the world of music: whether during her time as a 1Live Radio presenter, as a presenter of various music award ceremonies such as "1Live Krone", as a host of the Vox TV show "Sing meinen Song - Das Tauschkonzert" (Sing my song – The swop concert), where since the first season she has presented background portraits of the artists, or as a host and interview partner in various online music formats.

Jeannine Michaelsen uses her extensive reach and is committed to a diverse and responsible approach to dealing with political and social issues on the Web, for example most recently as the patron for the Audience Award at the "Grimme Online Award" ceremony in 2016.

Shout Out: Jeannine Michaelsen

Jessica Lange

Jessica “Jess” Lange has been a well-known personality in Germany for the last 10-15 years, as her large fan base shows. Since 2010, she has presented the youth programme KiKa Live together with Ben Blümel, and can be seen on the ARD and ZDF children’s channel from Monday to Friday. She also presents various live events for the Goethe Institut, the Zeit Foundation, the Courage youth festival and the VW partner school festival. Jess speaks fluent English and Spanish.

She loves dancing so much that for a time, she was even an active member of her own dance troupe.

Shout Out: Jessica Lange

Johnny Strange

Johnny Strange, one of the singers in the band Culcha Candela, already participated as a solo artist in the last song contest, working on the opening song and at the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) Festival. Inspired by the themes and impact of the competition, he is now also active as a patron. Johnny Strange is involved in educational projects in Uganda as part of the Africa Rise! organisation.

With his band Culcha Candela he makes world music in the truest sense of the word: the Berlin band's style combines reggae, dancehall, pop, electronic music and salsa. The members have their roots in Poland, Germany, Colombia, Uganda and South Korea, and they sing and rap in German, English, Spanish, Patois and Kisuaheli. In addition, their lyrics often deal with political and social issues, addressing aspects such as environmental awareness, coexistence in diversity and consumer criticism. 


The strategists C-Punkt Stein-Schneider, the voice of reason (aka Christof Stein-Schneider), and B-Man Mayor, the volcano of romance (aka Fabian Schulz), have been "Wohnraumhelden" (living room heroes) since 2002 and patrons of the song contest since 2015.

They come from Linden near Hanover and believe in a better world. They're fighting for a better world: "Because who's going to save the world? Capitalism? Hardly. Politicians? Hardly. Religion? Certainly not. So what remains???"

When asked if they have any tips on how to improve the world, they answer: "Praise love" and you will beautify your world. "Do what you want, but do not annoy others" and everything will be more peaceful. Look for "contact" and your life will become richer. "Eat for everyone" and the situation will already relax.


 And even if you grow old like "Grandma and Grandpa," do not succumb to abstinence, but remain "workers of love" and the world will be a better one.