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The 2015/2016 "Dein Song für EINE WELT!" (Your Song for ONE WORLD) Song Contest

The song contest super successfully took place for the first time in 2015. More than 1,300 young people took part. They submitted 190 songs. 159 submissions made it into the jury assessment. 25 winning songs were then selected and immortalised on the EINE WELT album. 

Young musicians from countries such as Burkina Faso, Germany, Cameroon, Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal and South Africa were involved.

The highlight was the EINE WELT Festival, which was held at Columbia-Halle in Berlin in June 2016 and followed the award ceremony for the German Federal President's school competition on development policy! 3,000 festival visitors were there to see our winners appear live on stage with renowned artists such as Culcha Candela, Bürger Lars Dietrich, Peter Fox and many more.

We – the team behind the song contest and school competition – were very moved by the project and overwhelmed with pride. We would therefore like to say a big thank you to all participants in the song contest! You made the first song contest in 2015/2016 a truly unique event!

 Watch the video clips from the first "Your Song for ONE WORLD!" competition or listen to the many, impressive contributions and get inspired! Why not participate yourself in the 2017 Song Contest?