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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Registration is performed in two steps: First you will need to register here with a valid email address. Registration will be possible from 20/02/2019.

Note: If you are a group, you must designate a single contact person. This person must register on behalf of the group using one e-mail address. We will then use this e-mail address to contact the entire group.

If you have successfully registered, you can log in, add all necessary information to your profile and upload your song. To complete your entry, you will need...

  • The song as an audio or video file; permitted file formats are: .avi, .eps, .jpg, .jpeg, .flv, .gif, .mov, .mp3, .mp4, .mpg, .ods, .pdf, .png, .ppt, .pptx, .raw, .tiff, .wma, .wav, .wmv, .xls, .xlsx,
  • If your group includes more than ten musicians: this table with the names and dates of birth of all band or choir members (Note! Only the participants you have entered during registration and/or who are listed in the table shall be officially registered for the song contest as members of your group, no additional participants may be subsequently registered and prizes are non-transferable),
  • Optional: an artist/band description, photos or further information that you would like to share with us,
  • Optional: lyrics in German as a Word or pdf file (for lyrics in other languages than German, with translation).

No, songs can be composed in any language. Of course, it’s faster for us to review your songs if lyrics in other languages are accompanied by a German translation, though this is not a requirement.

No. The lyrics and music must be written by you individually or as a group.

We need the first name, last name and date of birth of all people involved in the creation of your song. Please ensure that all participants are no older than 25 years of age and no younger than 10 years of age at the time of the deadline for submissions.

Once songs have been preselected by the preliminary jury, a copy of passports/ID documents will be requested.

A partnership with musicians from abroad is not a criterion in selecting the winning songs. Songs which are content related to the African or Latin American continents and which involve participating artists from countries in these regions, however also qualify for the Special Africa/Latin America Prize.

Pupils and young people from Germany and from many countries in the Global South between the ages of 10 and 25 may take part in the song contest. A list of permitted countries outside of Germany can be found here.

Apart from the main and recognition awards, three special prizes can be won, the Special Video Prize, the Special Africa Prize and the Latin America Prize.

In addition to your song you can also submit a video that you have shot yourself. The video should creatively reflect the themes of your song and the topic of ONE WORLD. The Special Video Prize can be won in addition to another prize. The Special Video Prize is independent of the rating of your song for the other prizes.

Your song will be eligible for the Special Africa/Latin America Prizes if it is content related to the African or Latin American continents and involves participating artists from countries in these regions. This means that your song can be produced by teaming up with participants from Germany and Africa or Latin America, or even submitted by participants from the respective continent.

The Special Africa or Latin America Prizes can be won in addition to other prizes, however, you cannot submit your song exclusively for a special prize.

All participants still under the age of 18 by the deadline for entries must have a declaration of consent signed by their parents to be sent to us (one declaration of consent for each person under the age of 18!). If you are over the age of 14, please remember that you and your parents must sign the declaration. If unsigned, your song cannot be published.

Important: Even if you are the contact person in your band and already 18 years old, as long as there are other musicians in your band who are not yet 18, these persons will still have to submit a declaration of consent.

If participants come from abroad, they too will need to send us a declaration of consent signed by their parents if not yet 18 years old. Postal charges can not be refunded.

The declaration of consent must be sent by post or as a scan by e-mail. Print out the declaration of consent and have it signed by your parents. Please send the declaration of consent by e-mail to songcontest(at) or by post to the following address:

Song Contest „Dein Song für EINE WELT!“
Engagement Global gGmbH
Service für Entwicklungsinitiativen
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 40
53113 Bonn

Unfortunately, we cannot publish your song until we have received the declaration of consent.

After the deadline has passed, you have another week to submit your parents’ declaration of consent (if sending by post, the date as postmarked applies).

Your song will only be published once we receive the declaration of consent.

In an internal selection process, a total of 30 winning songs as well as up to 5 finalists for the special prizes will be determined by a preliminary jury. From these 30 winning songs as well as the special prize finalists, an independent main jury (experts in the education, film and/or music fields) will then select the special and recognition awards, the 20 songs for the EINE WELT album (ONE WORLD album) and a TOP 5 selection for the main prizes.

The TOP 5 candidates will present their songs in a live performance in front of the main jury, which will then determine the EINE WELT song (ONE WORLD song) and the second and third prizes.

The preliminary jury consists of representatives from Engagement Global as well as partners and music experts. The main jury consists of independent experts from the education, music, global learning and media fields.

The jurors for the 2017 Song Contest were:

  • Partners: Eliana Böse (CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.), Sandra Friedrich (Der Tagesspiegel), Joachim Gauger (, Imke Häusler (Kindernothilfe e.V), Jens Raygrotzki (Plan International Deutschland e.V.), Renate Reichelt (DAHW – Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe e.V.), Maik Richter (SPIESSER – youth magazine)
  • Patrons/music: Manuel Cortez (video producer), Cross (musician), Fargo (musician), Jaimie-Lee (musician), Jessica Lange (presenter), Jeannine Michaelsen (presenter), Johnny Strange (musician), Don Cali (Culcha Candela), EES (musician)
  • Global learning / global development: Ursula Eid (former State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)), Moctar Kamara (Central Council of African Communities in Germany), Udo Krzyzynski (Verband deutscher Musikschulen e.V.), Dr. Dolly Conto Obregón (Haus der Kulturen Lateinamerikas), Prof. Dr. Christoph Wulf (German UNESCO Commission), Sabine Cordes (Headmistress Am Wingster Wald Primary School)
  • Media: Clemens Grün (, Emanuel Matondo (editor of “afrika süd”), Katrin Wilke (independent music journalist)

After the official deadline for entries, all published songs can be accessed on the website for user voting purposes. Users can vote for your songs by e-mail or SMS for a period of three weeks. The song ranked first in the user voting will be awarded the Public’s Prize and will be one of the winning songs on the EINE WELT album (ONE WORLD album). Songs ranked second to fifth in the user voting will receive recognition awards.

Yes! In the evaluation, our preliminary jury will pay particular attention to the potential of your song. If you have written good lyrics and have thought of a nice melody for them, your song definitely has chances of being among the best entries!

However: Lyrics themselves are not enough – we will definitely need a melody as an audio file to rate your entry, even if it is just humming that you have recorded on your phone.

The prizes are awarded per entry/song. However, all participants will receive a personalised certificate.

Age is considered when rating songs, however prizes are not awarded to different age groups.

The results of the preliminary jury will be announced in September 2019, the results of the first main jury sitting (TOP5) will follow in October 2019, the results for places 1-3 at the end of November 2019.

The song contest invites talented young people, aged between 10 and 25 from all over the world, to respond musically to issues related to global development and to submit their self-composed songs about ONE WORLD, every two years. The song can have a maximum length of 3:50 minutes. No instrumental accompaniment is necessary; a sung melody is sufficient in order to take part. Soloists, bands, choirs and anyone else who enjoys music can take part.

There are money and material prizes to be won with a total value of 70,000 euros, and all participants will receive a personal certificate from the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. The best songs will be professionally produced in a studio for the EINE WELT album (ONE WORLD album). Coaching sessions and workshops at the Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion e.V. in Berlin will impart useful knowledge to winners on how to advance the issues they feel passionately about. An overview of all prizes is available here.

The winning song will become the anthem accompanying the School Competition on Development Policy as the EINE WELT song (ONE WORLD song).

If you experience problems registering or have other questions regarding the song contest, you can contact the team by e-mailing songcontest(at) or by phoning the office on +49 (0)228 20717-347.