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Greetings from the German Minister Dr. Gerd Müller

Dear children and young people, dear musical friends,

This year, the "Your Song for ONE WORLD!" song contest is being held for the second time. It is accompanying the school contest on development policy entitled "All for one world – one world for all". Both competitions are concerned with the considerable challenges that we are having to face in order to make this one world sustainable in future. Each and every one of us bears responsibility for life and survival on our planet. In 2015, the countries of the world agreed on a global charter for the future aimed at enabling all people on our planet to live their lives in dignity – Agenda 2030. We are all called upon to contribute to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals anchored in this charter.

As the German Development Minister, I often have the opportunity to meet with children and young people. I am constantly impressed with how much interest and commitment young people contribute to shaping our common future. I was also very impressed by the results of the first song contest. The diversity of the development policy themes, the quality of the lyrics and the compositions themselves were extraordinary and enthralling.

I would therefore encourage you to also participate in the 2017 Song Contest! Write, sing and play your own songs – and tell us what is most important to you in our ONE WORLD. Today, you have the possibility to network with others throughout the world. Perhaps you are doing this already and are looking with interest and fascination, but also presumably with doubts and concern, about what is happening on our planet. Your thoughts about this should be heard and they should galvanise us.

The winning song – the ONE WORLD song – will musically accompany the eighth school competition on development policy for 2017/2018.

I am eager to hear how you see the world today and the world that you desire. We need your ideas and creativity!

Dr. Gerd Müller
German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development

Engagement Global

The Song Contest is a supporting measure for the school competition on development policy and is organised by Engagement Global gGmbH - Service für Entwicklungsinitiativen. The company is the contact partner in Germany for development policy awareness, both throughout Germany and internationally.

Since 1 January 2012, Engagement Global has brought together institutions, initiatives and programmes that are actively engaged in development policy in order to promote global cooperation.

For children and young adults, it is particularly important to view the world from broader perspectives, and to understand what matters to people in other countries. Under the slogan “Global Learning”, the initiatives organised by Engagement Global support pupils and teachers in achieving a better understanding of global contexts and to work towards achieving a more just world.