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Digital composition

You have written a song text and are now looking for the right music to go with it? On the following pages we explain how you can easily create a musical accompaniment to your song with an app.

In this tutorial, we will work with the free app "Garage Band" (iOS). It is easy to learn for beginners, offers a wide variety of working methods and good sound quality. As free alternatives to "Garage Band", we recommend the online tool "Soundtrap" and the programme "Studio One Prime 4", for Mac and Windows PC. At the bottom of this website you will find information about these and other software.

Under the individual menu items for digital composition, you will find videos to help you get to know the app and learn to make music with it. We also provide you with free samples that you can use for your song. For the installation of the app, the complete sound library and space for samples and recordings, you need about 4 GB of free storage space.

If you've already written and composed your song and are looking for an easy way to record it, check out the "Recording and finishing the digital composition " section at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, see "First steps in digital composition" for more tips on how to record and edit your song using an app.

If you are unfamiliar with a musical term, take a look at our glossary.

Text: Tobias Rotsch