Finding a topic

We’re looking for ONE WORLD-themed songs through the song contest. The song awarded first place will become the accompanying anthem for the current round of the School Competition on Development Policy. Though what exactly can an EINE WELT song (ONE WORLD song) be about? We’re looking for songs that address themes of global development, that means focus on issues that affect people in different parts of the world. Are there any such topics that particularly concern you – for example, social justice, peace, climate protection or the issue of how we can treat one another with greater tolerance and fairness? Surely you can think of many other topics from your everyday life that you find important for our coexistence on this planet which you would like to share with others. Share your thoughts with us! It is important that you always consider the global perspective and think about what your topic could mean for people for example in Africa, Asia, Europe or Latin America.

We use the song contest to draw attention to these issues in an effort to help make global development sustainable. This means creating a world in which the basic needs of all people can be met, be it food, suitable housing, security, health, work and social participation, without destroying the environment or planet. Representatives of all 193 member states of the United Nations too have together given thought to how this goal can be achieved. Agenda 2030 has seen the formulation of 17 sustainable development goals, abbreviated “SDGs”. These SDGs can provide inspiration in finding a topic for your EINE WELT song. A link is provided below to a website containing video clips made by other young persons discussing SDGs. We also feature various artists in the Inspiring Artist Portraits section on songwriting who have recorded small sound bites for you in the studio, which you can use to produce your own song.

Here you’ll find out more about the SDGs
Use the following link to view video clips on SDGs
This explanatory video also gives you a good overview of the SDGs