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All winners will perform live on stage in front of large audiences. Also, they will be awarded personalised certificates, will meet and greet the patrons and supporters of the song contest, and will have the opportunity to be part of the song contest family with whom you will share unforgettable moments and memories!

The 23 best songs will be professionally produced in the studio for the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) album. All studio productions will be supported with musical coaching sessions. In addition, one can also win a place in great workshops focussing on music, performance, dance, media, project and band management.

The following individual prizes can be won:

1st prize

The song awarded first place will become the EINE WELT song (ONE WORLD song) and will accompany the 10th School Competition on Development Policy as its anthem.

We're going to film a professional music video with your EINE WELT song (ONE WORLD song), and if that weren’t enough: your song will also be professionally produced and will be predominantly featured in the EINE WELT album (ONE WORLD album)!

2nd prize

The second-placed performers can look forward to 2,000 euros and the studio production in Berlin. The song will of course be included on the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) album.

3rd prize

The third-placed song will win 1,000 euros and its studio production - as well as being featured on the EINE WELT album (ONE WORLD album)!

4th to 20th places:

Your song will be professionally produced at the music studio in Berlin and you will receive the right coaching tips so that your song sounds really good on the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) album

Special Africa prize:

This special prize can be won by songs that, in terms of their content, focus on the African continent, have been created in collaboration with African musicians or have been submitted by participants from an African country.

The “Africa” special prize includes a cash prize of 3,000 euros! Furthermore, the song will be professionallyproduced in a studio.

Special prize for “Cooperative Collaboration”

If you developed your song in collaboration with musicians from countries of the Global South, then you may qualify for the “Cooperative Collaboration” special prize.

The prize includes 3,000 euros and professional studio production.

Special prize for the “Best Song Lyrics”

If your song gets to the heart of the matter and writing is your strength, then you have the opportunity to qualify for our “Best Song Lyrics” special prize, because it is all about the best lyrics!

The song that is awarded this special prize wins a cash prize of 1,000 euros.

Public's Prize / 1st place in the user voting

You're desperate to have your song on the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) album? You really want to go to Berlin to record your song professionally at the Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion studios?

Then mobilise your fan base and get them to vote for your song! The song with the most votes will also be professionally produced and will feature in the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) album!

21th to 30th prize/places 2 to 5 of the user voting

In a workshop with professional coaches, you will learn how to move forward with your music. Be it song writing, vocal coaching or performance training - this is where you will learn what matters!