Material for teachers about song writing

Do you want to participate in the Song Contest with your class or extracurricular youth group? On this page you will find numerous material and links to help you guide the song writing process and integrate global learning in your lessons. You will find comprehensive pedagogical suggestions for your project in the teaching material accompanying the Song Contest “Dein Song für EINE WELT!” (Your song for ONE WORLD). It supplements the Tips on songwriting area, which helps young people to independently learn writing lyrics and composing with digital tools.

The accompanying teaching material for the Song Contest supports you in the creation of a competition entry with your class or youth group. It brings together numerous lesson impulses on finding a topic, song writing and composing with digital tools and is also suitable for interdisciplinary lessons, for example, in connection with social sciences, English or modern foreign languages.
Teaching material for the Song Contest
Unterrichtsmaterial zum Song Contest
Material didáctico del Concurso Musical
Matériel pédagogique sur le Concours de Chanson
Material didático para o Concurso Musical

The worksheets supplement the teaching material for the Song Contest and are aimed at children and young people. The worksheets on the Finding topics for songwriting and Digital composition modules support the learners, in particular when using the Tips on songwriting area on this website.
Song Contest Worksheets
Arbeitsblätter zum Song Contest
Hojas de trabajo del Concurso Musical
Fiches de travail du Concours de Chanson
Folhas de atividades para o Concurso Musical

The glossary collects and explains technical terms used in composing and recording technology that appear in the teaching material and in the Tips on songwriting area on the website.
Glossary of the Song Contest
Glossar zum Song Contest
Glosario del Concurso Musical
Glossaire du Concours de Chanson
Glossário do Concurso Musical

Do you want to musically accompany your song with instruments together with your group? This document presents two methods, “jam sessions” and “instant composing” that you can use to do so.
Composing with instruments
Komponieren mit Instrumenten
Componer con instrumentos
Composer avec des instruments
Composição com instrumentos

The Curriculum Framework for Education for Sustainable Development identifies the general and subject-specific skills and topics for Education for Sustainable Development in school lessons. In the sub-task you will find a corresponding competence model and topic examples for music lessons.
Curriculum Framework for Education for Sustainable Development (subject music p. 192-212)
Teilausgabe Musik des Orientierungsrahmens
Marco de referencia para el área de aprendizaje de Desarrollo Global (asignatura música p. 192-212)
Cadre de référence pour le domaine d’apprentissage Développement mondial (discipline musique p. 192-212)

In the teaching material "Different is Normal", different music and female musicians from the years 1965-1968 are experienced, reflected upon and compared with each other. The students undertake are experiencing a change of perspective by listening to and accepting music that is unfamiliar to them with different normative evaluations. Through a value-free analysis and evaluation it becomes clear: "Different is normal".
Teaching material "Different is Normal - Developing New Perspectives on Unfamiliar Music Styles (in German)

In the material collection of the School Competition on Development Policy you will find a large selection of teaching material, links, texts and videos on wide-ranging topics of global development. Using the search function and the filters, you can access the desired topics, age groups or media in a targeted manner.
Material collection of the School Competition (in German)

This teaching material is an introduction to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. It has been developed by the ESD Expert Net, a network of experts on Education for Sustainable Development from Germany, India, Mexico and South Africa, and it contains case studies for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals from all four countries.
Teaching material "Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals"
Lehrmaterial "Die Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung im Unterricht"
Material didáctico «Los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible en el aula»

An Education for Sustainable Development manual for teachers, educators and teacher educators. This manual provides teachers with didactic-methodological strategies for transmitting and strengthening competencies for dealing with complexity.
Teaching material “Ten Steps towards Systems Thinking“
Lehrmaterial “Zehn Stufen zum systemischen Denken“