The Song Contest “Dein Song für EINE WELT!” (“Your song for ONE WORLD”) enjoys the support of numerous prominent patrons from the fields of film, television and music, each assisting the project in their own way.

Albert N’sanda

Albert N’sanda is a German musician, producer, songwriter and artist with Congolese roots. He is a real all-rounder. Music is in his blood. His music is profound, emotional and occasionally very rhythmic. His roots influence much of his music with the typical afrobeat. Albert has been performing on stage since childhood and if you have ever seen and heard him, you will not forget him in a hurry. With his charisma and his extraordinary clear, profound and soulful voice, he enchants everyone. Albert has already shared the stage and his creativity with many renowned artists, such as Rolf Stahlhofen, Nelson Müller, The Local Ambassadors, SSIO and many others. As a songwriter/producer/singer he has worked on music for and with Culcha Candela, Tom Beck, SSIO, Banda Senderos and many other artists.

Most recently, he worked on the album “Mit Pauken und Trompeten” by Jazzkantine, who he also accompanied on tour last year as their frontman. He also energetically pursues his passion project, the “Gorilla Funk” duo with Johnny Strange from Culcha Candela. Through “Gorilla Funk” he also addresses socio-critical topics and makes an important contribution. He encompasses social topics and integration in voice, lyrics and notes. The duo also recently visited Rwanda with other artists from around the world and through the NGO “Viva con Agua” they were musically active in aid of drinking water supply.

Andre Fischer

Andre Fischer is a German pop musician and songwriter. In November 2015, he was crowned the first winner of the Song Contest "Dein Song für EINE WELT!" with his song "Augen auf". Performances with renowned artists such as Adel Tawil, Culcha Candela and Jamie-Lee Kriewitz followed. Through numerous performances, Andre Fischer increasingly professionalized his stage experience over the years.

Andre is not only a singer and songwriter, but he also composes film music. However, his great passion still belongs to the composition and lyrics of his own songs. He published his first music video on YouTube at the age of 14. Since then, he regularly uploads his own song creations and covers on YouTube and Instagram, accompanying himself on the piano.

In 2023, he released the single "RESET" together with musician Jamie-Lee, whom he met at the Song Contest. Now Andre is a jury member himself and is very much looking forward to it.

Banda Internationale

The brass band “Banda Comunale” has been making music in Dresden for over 15 years. They make uninhibited use of the cultural influences of what are perceived as foreign countries and peoples. For a large part, their repertoire includes music from the crisis regions of the world: north Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East, Columbia, western, eastern and central Africa, and eastern Europe. After over 40 concerts against PEGIDA and for people who have fled their home countries in preliminary reception centres in Dresden and the surrounding area, they began the “Banda Internationale” project in 2015 with refugee musicians in Dresden, which has now become a fixed band. Since then, the group of nearly 20 musicians from Syria, Palestine, Iran and Iraq has won numerous prizes and has played more than 300 concerts in Dresden, Saxony and Germany. Their overriding, shared goal was to re-interpret the music of their homeland, to open peoples’ hearts, to dismantle prejudices and resentment, and to contribute to an understanding between new and long-term residents of Saxony, Germany and Europe.

On the basis of the close collaboration with musicians from many different cultures, and the experiences gathered over the last two years with intercultural, music education work with children and young adults, the band went on a tour to the country of one of its musicians and visited a large number of schools and education institutions in Burkina Faso in 2018. Together with Ezékiel Wendtoin, the singer of the band and winner of the Africa Special Award of the Song Contest 2015, the band planned the construction of a school in Ouagadougou, which has been built in the meantime and will be occupied by pupils this year.


Jess has been a well-known personality in Germany for the last 10-15 years, as her large fan base shows. Since 2010, she has presented the youth programme KiKA LIVE together with Ben, and can be seen on the ARD and ZDF children’s channel from Monday to Thursday. Currently she also moderates the Tigerentenclub (KiKA, ARD). She also presents various LIVE events such as the KiKA Award, the Courage Youth Festival and World Hospice Day.

Jess also campaigns against fake news and hate on the internet, and is an ambassador for the German federal children’s hospice association, the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz.

Johanna Klum

Johanna Klum is one of the most likeable faces on juvenile television. She made her name as presenter of the award-winning ProSieben show “Elton vs. Simon”. She presented the “Bundesvision Song Contest” (ProSieben) alongside Stefan Raab. She also presented “SuperKids” (SAT.1) and dance show “Got to Dance” (ProSieben), the latter awarded the German Television Award. She has been the presenter of ZDF/KIKA production “Dein Song” since 2010.

Social commitment is also an important concern for Johanna. This sees her regularly involved in various projects such as the “Junge Helden” association, campaigning for organ donation.


KAFVKA is a young band from Berlin-Lichtenberg who merge rap and punk with political beliefs and bold messaging. KAFVKA’s debut album ”Hände Hoch!” (Hands Up!) was released in April 2016 and immediately catapulted the band to some of Germany’s largest live act stages. Appearances on-stage have included for instance the Open Flair, Taubertal Festival and even “Rock im Park” events. The following year the band played in front of 10,000 excited spectators as a supporting act for the band Toten Hosen. Their LIVE motto can be put into a single word: Demolition!

KAFVKA’s second album “2084” came out in 2018. Many of KAFVKA’s songs appeal directly to humanity to recognise the seriousness of the time, to take responsibility and appropriate action. The track ”Alle hassen Nazis” (Everyone hates Nazis) is the most successful song in the band’s history. KAFVKA bluntly narrates on the current political situation and appeals to everyone to take responsibility for current events and act appropriately. For the band, it’s not about pointing fingers but making a point. The band’s merchandise for instance is now made exclusively from second hand or fair trade products, and singer Jonas is co-founder of the FLÜCHTLINGE WILLKOMMEN (REFUGEES WELCOME) platform, which helps refugees cohabit with existing accommodation-sharing communities.


Rico Montero is a gifted rapper, trained audio engineer, speaker and artist coach who combines his musical talent with his passion for education and personal development. As the founder and CEO of “Heartbeat Edutainment”, a non-profit organisation, he is committed to using music production to encourage the potential of young people and support them on their journey.

Thanks to his many years of experience and expertise, Rico Montero has already received several prizes and awards. With an impressive career that includes countless songs, musicals and artworks, he has taken his place in the creative scene as a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and laureate for education, human rights and democracy.

As a keynote rapper and hip-hop artist, Rico changes the world through communication and music and moves people in their hearts. Together with his brother, he forms the rap duo “Los Monteroz”, which underlines its artistic claim with German-Spanish-Nigerian roots and positive lyrics on global events. As patron of the Song Contest, Rico encourages young people to raise their voices and stand up for a better world.

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