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Gain an insight into the first competition and watch our clips of the milestones during the song contest 2015! Everything was captured on video – from the main jury session and the studio recordings in Berlin to the music video with Andre Fischer and the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) Festival Berlin. In addition, in the "Meet..." videos we will also introduce you to a few winners and their projects from the first competition. Take a look!


The EINE WELT album (ONE WORLD album) and all winning songs of the first round of the song contest can be found here.

To the winning songs 2015/2016

Andre Fischer's music video "Augen auf" (Open your eyes)

The first prize includes a professional music video for your EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) song! Check out the music video from the first song contest with the main winner, Andre Fischer! The song was re-recorded together with supporters Odara Sol, Johnny Strange, Cross and Fargo, and can be heard as a bonus track on the album! The video was shot on the Baltic Sea and really gives you the goose bumps...

This was our EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) Festival!

On 14 June 2016, the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) Festival took place at Columbiahalle in Berlin, following the award ceremony for the German Federal President's school competition on development policy. In addition to the song contest winners, renowned musicians were also featured on stage. Present were: Culcha Candela, Oceana, Far East Band, Bürger Lars Dietrich, Ohrbooten, Lou Bega, Nelson Müller, Wohnraumhelden, Cross, Albert N’Sanda as well as other special guests such as Peter Fox with BÄM! We would like to say THANKS to all the visitors, song contestants and, of course, the prominent supporters for their great concerts and a great festival!


Zoe Hoffard! She also captured the hearts of the jury with her song "LASS ES REGNEN" (LET IT RAIN). Together with her friends, Zoe organised a large "Come together" festival in her school. You can find out who was there and what it was like for Zoe to be a song contest winner in the video.

Philipp Jung! The young rapper impressed the jury with his thoughtful and critical lyrics for "One World?" and that isn’t all: Philipp will be taking part in the next competition! Find out how Philipp felt about being a song contest winner and how he is actively involved in his own region "with open arms". 

Ezekiel Nikiema aka Ezé Wendtoin got the jury dancing with his song "Die Rampensau singt EINE WELT" (The stage hog sings ONE WORLD), which won the Special Africa Prize. Ezé is active in many projects on a voluntary basis. Among other things, he rocked the stage at a charity concert in Bavaria with Bavarian musicians. Take a look and see what Ezé wants for ONE WORLD.

Ceko37 feat. RMGs! The song "Mach die Augen auf!" (Open your eyes!), which is sung by the participants in the Ethics Course at Regiomontanus High School in Haßfurt (RMG), calls for all of us to go through life attentively and take responsibility. In the video, the students and their teacher explain what it means for them to be song contest winners and which projects the RMGs have now set their eyes on!

Making of: Studio recordings of the winning songs

For the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) album, all 25 winning songs were re-recorded in a professional music studio. Simon Deregowski, Mostafa Archaki & Co, the student band from the Protestant High School in Meiningen and Ezekiel Nikiema, aka Ezé Wendtoin, were filmed during the studio recordings. In this video, they explain more about their songs, their motivation for participating in the competition and their thoughts about ONE WORLD.

Download the EINE WELT album. [ZIP file | 245 MB]

Studio recording of the Special Africa Prize's winning song

Ezekiel Nikiema aka Ezé Wendtoin won the Special Africa Prize with his song "Die Rampensau singt Eine Welt" (The stage hog sings one world). Ezekiel not only composed the song but also recorded all the instruments himself. During the studio recordings for the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) album, Ezekiel talked about his thoughts on ONE WORLD and showed his many talents.


Main jury session for the song contest

The independent main jury for the song contest met on 6 November 2015 in Berlin and selected the song "Augen auf" (Open your eyes) by Andre Fischer as the "EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) song". The EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) song provided the accompanying hymn to the German Federal President's seventh school contest on development policy. Ezekiel Nikiema won the Special Africa Prize with "Die Rampensau singt Eine Welt" (The stage hog sings one world).

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All information about the main jury session can be found in the press release

Interview with Andre Fischer

The song by Andre Fischer "Augen auf" ("open your eyes") was chosen as the EINE WELT (ONE WORLD) song for 2015 and provided the accompanying hymn to the German Federal President's seventh school competition on development policy. In the interview, Andre explains how he learned about the song contest and what it was like to be the main winner of the song contest. The interview was conducted by Vite, the mascot for the seventh school competition.

Launch event

for the school competition on development policy

Our song contest winners enjoyed their first big appearance in 2015 at the event launching seventh school competition on development policy. The song contestants performed their songs on stage with the band Elaiza, the patrons for the first competition. In the video, winners Simon and Dorin and others explain what their winning songs are about.

Opening song for 2015

The Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion initiative (KMA), which is partnering the song contest, worked together with four artists to compose an opening song that inspired and enthused everyone. Renowned musicians joined together to sing the opening song "This world belongs to us!" ("Diese Welt gehört uns!"). Those taking part included Johnny Strange, rapper Cross Beatbox, rapper Fargo and the Brazilian singer, Odara Sol. Watch the video and gather ideas for YOUR song for ONE world!