„Kinder der Welt" by Shayla & Filo is the new ONE WORLD song |

„Kinder der Welt" by Shayla & Filo is the new ONE WORLD song

With their song, Shayla & Filo from Berlin have convinced at the grand finale of the Song Contest "Dein Song für EINE WELT!" (Your song for ONE WORLD) and thus secured the title of EINE WELT song (ONE WORLD song) as well as a professional music video shoot.

In their song "Children of the World", Shayla & Filo from Berlin draw attention to the urgency of global climate protection and peaceful coexistence. The two ten-year-olds denounce failures on the part of politics and business. "Children of the world, don't stop rebelling. It's 5 past 12, something must finally happen." - With words like these, Shayla & Filo are also launching an appeal to other young people to make their voices heard and actively campaign for a more sustainable development of the planet.

"We were already really happy that we made it into the top 5. Now we're even happier that the others liked our song and the message we want to share with the world. It means that we have managed to get our message across," say Shayla & Filo immediately after the results were announced.

Places 2 to 5 did not go empty-handed either: They were awarded a prize money of 1,000 euros for their commitment to their songs on topics such as war and peace, flight and migration, discrimination and tolerance as well as global injustices and the exploitation of people.

A strong message that deserves to be heard and recognized! As a EINE WELT song (ONE WORLD song), "Kinder der Welt" will not only be heard on the EINE WELT album (ONE WORLD album) Vol. 5, which will be released next year, but will also musically accompany the eleventh round of the School Competition on Development Policy as an anthem.

All information about the grand final can be found in the press release.

Download the press release of the Song Contest final (in German).

You couldn't watch the grand final in the livestream? Don't worry. In a few days we will make the video available on our website.

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