Christian Grothe, Sampler

Christian's sampler is basically a self-developed instrument. Sampling itself comes from Hip Hop, USA. Here you can learn more about Christian, his music and his thoughts about the ONE WORLD. A number of short audio examples of how Christian Grothe plays his instrument are available at the right. You can also download these and use them as samples for composing a song for the song contest. If you have used a sample from the website for your song then you must state this when submitting your entry.

Important: You may only use the samples exclusively for songs with which you participate in the Song Contest "Dein Song für EINE WELT!" (Your song for ONE WORLD). If your song meets the entry criteria, it will be published on our website, on Soundcloud and also on YouTube if you submit a video. If you wish to continue using your song containing these samples, it is important that you always cite the name of the artist who provided the sample used. If for example you use the sample “Sampler 90bpm B” by Christian Grothe, please write “Using the sample “Sampler 90bpm B” by Christian Grothe”.

Can you tell us something about your musical career?
I studied music from early on. The first instrument I learned was the trumpet. Then later the piano and then the guitar too. As a teenager I discovered producing and started composing and recording my own tracks. I’ve basically been doing so ever since. Later, I was able to build on my practical knowledge by studying in Osnabrück and that’s when many great projects came about that I’m still involved with. The journey of course is ongoing, forever taking me to new places and joining me with new people.

What do you think about/how are you involved with the topics of “sustainable development” and “one world”?
Sustainable development is of course very important, many people these days seem to have more concern for their wallets than the world we live in. Clearly, that’s anything but sustainable. For individuals themselves as well as the world as a whole. Money is the least sustainable thing there is. It can all be gone in a flash. You and those around you are all that remains. If you invest in that instead of just thinking about your own wallet, you can´t lose. That would mean the end to wars too.

Do you feel that music can change the world? If yes, how?
Yes, of course, music can change the world. Music is very powerful. It is universally understood and can bring together people of different cultures and languages. Music allows for deeper self-reflection, introspection and expression than would otherwise be possible with words alone.

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