Eyram Fiagbedzi, Percussion

Eyram plays traditional percussion instruments from the Volta region in Ghana. In this interview he speaks about himself, his music and his thoughts on ONE WORLD. A number of short audio examples of how Eyram Fiagbedzi plays his instrument are available at the right. You can also download these and use them as samples for composing a song for the song contest. If you have used a sample from the website for your song then you must state this when submitting your entry.

Important: You may only use the samples exclusively for songs with which you participate in the Song Contest "Dein Song für EINE WELT!" (Your song for ONE WORLD). If your song meets the entry criteria, it will be published on our website, on Soundcloud and also on YouTube if you submit a video. If you wish to continue using your song containing these samples, it is important that you always cite the name of the artist who provided the sample used. If for example you use the sample “percussion C” by Eyram Fiagbedzi, please write “Using the sample “percussion C” by Eyram Fiagbedzi”.

Can you tell us something about your musical background?
I was first introduced to drumming and singing at about age 6, in church, primary school and the community in which I grew up. I acquired some skills and experience during my membership of my primary school cultural group, and involvement in inter schools’ cultural festivals and competitions where I represented my school in drum language and dance drumming categories of the competition. [Explanation: “Drum language” is a term for the different rhythms that can be played on traditional drums, the “language” of traditional drumming. In Ghanaian tradition, percussion was linked to dancing, therefore, both drumming and dancing where always taught together.]

What are your thoughts on/how are you involved in the topics “Sustainable Development” and “One World”?
My thoughts on "Sustainable Development" and "One World" are that in our bid to modernise our lifestyles and societies we need to make conscious efforts to be sensitive to wellness and culture. Together, we can provide hope to humanity and make the world a better place.

Do you think that music can change the world? If so, how?
I think music can change the world if it is employed in positive ways - as a vehicle/tool for education, motivation, entertainment and social cohesion.

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