Ezé Wendtoin, Ruudga

In the audio examples, Ezé plays Ruudga, a string instrument from Burkina Faso. You can learn more about Ezé, his music, and his thoughts on sustainable development in the interview. A number of short audio examples of how Ezé plays his instrument are available at the right. You can also download these and use them as samples for composing a song for the song contest. If you have used a sample from the website for your song then you must state this when submitting your entry.

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Can you tell us something about your musical career?
I come from a musical family in Burkina Faso. We were born blacksmiths and drummers. That’s our family’s calling. My father, however, converted to Christianity and later became a pastor. I came into contact with music very early on as a child, as church in Burkina Faso involves a lot of music and dancing. I can still remember making instruments to strike and play music on from potties and dishes at home with my three siblings. And church too had its share of traditional instruments, mostly made from pumpkin, wood and animal skins, which my siblings and I played on to accompany songs in church. My uncle once made a modern drum kit from scrap. That’s how I started playing the drums. I got my first set of modern drums when I finished studies in 2009. I taught myself and the guitar, too. I took part in a music contest in Burkina Faso with my friend in 2013 and we won the first prize. That’s when I flew to France for the first time to play at music festivals. I’ve been pursuing a solo career ever since and brought out my first CD in Burkina Faso in 2016. I took part in the “One World Song Contest” in 2015 and won the Special Africa Prize. I enrolled for German language and literature studies in Germany in 2016, which allowed me to pursue various collaborations, including a role as a musician in the play “Der Junge mit dem Koffer” (The kid with the bag) at Theater der jungen Generation in Dresden and concerts with Konstantin Wecker and Banda Internationale. I’m bringing out a new CD in Germany in June.

What do you think about/how are you involved with the topics of “sustainable development” and “one world”?
To me, ONE WORLD represents an unfathomable challenge for the world we live in right now. Bringing equality to all people on earth and transfer values to our children through education to live peacefully with one another and preserve a habitable world are a struggle. That actually was the desire behind my song “Die Rampensau singt EINE WELT” (The stage hog sings one world) back in 2015. I’d like to remain optimistic about the ONE WORLD topic. I really don’t want to see human rights ignored and trampled upon. Borders should stay open. People fleeing poverty, famine, war should have the right to a better life. On principle. I wouldn’t want to see wall construction schemes taken any further, like in the USA. Such plans turn the ONE WORLD idea into a utopian dream. I don’t want to see rescuers in the Mediterranean looked upon as criminals. I don’t want to see democracy in Europe unravel. I don’t want to see people further marginalised due to their religion, skin colour, gender identity.

Do you feel that music can change the world? If yes, how?
I think that music can have an impact on many things. It’s one of the best media with the potential to help create a fair world. It’s a universal language and can unite people, regardless of where they come from, what language they speak or what skin colour they have. Music brings strangers together and creates lasting friendships without preconceptions. Music can give courage. Music gives strength and hope in times of difficulty. Some music has its own way of drawing attention to problems in our world and can help perpetuate values such as solidarity, humanity, peace and freedom.

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