Zainab Lax, Harp

Zainab plays the harp, a string and plucked instrument. It is often associated with Irish musical culture, but has also been found in Egypt, Mesopotamia and ancient Greece since 3000 BC. A number of short audio examples of how Zainab Lax plays her instrument are available at the right. You can also download these and use them as samples for composing a song for the song contest. If you have used a sample from the website for your song then you must state this when submitting your entry.

Important: You may only use the samples exclusively for songs with which you participate in the Song Contest "Dein Song für EINE WELT!" (Your song for ONE WORLD). If your song meets the entry criteria, it will be published on our website, on Soundcloud and also on YouTube if you submit a video. If you wish to continue using your song containing these samples, it is important that you always cite the name of the artist who provided the sample used. If for example you use the sample „70bpm Harp A“ by Zainab Lax, please write “Using the sample „70bpm Harp A“ by Zainab Lax”.

Can you tell us something about your musical career?
I started learning the recorder and harp at the age of 7 at music school. Later I started teaching myself the guitar, eventually becoming more interested in non-western music. At first I took quite an interest in Indian classical music and lived in India for a year and a half, learning the sarod from a master. I then also developed more of an interest in Persian music while studying music therapy at the ArtEZ Conservatory in the Netherlands and took lessons on the tar. I’m currently doing a master’s at the Center for World Music in Hildesheim and learning Turkish vocals.

What do you think about/how are you involved with the topics of “sustainable development” and “one world”?
In my work as a music therapist, I’ve focussed in particular in people with refugee experiences. My projects involve making music together and showing participants how they can use music as a source of strength and to experience community. I also organise jam sessions with locals, which are a great place to mingle without needing to speak much. I’d like to see these sessions build tolerance between people of different backgrounds and eliminate prejudices.

Do you feel that music can change the world? If yes, how?
I believe that music can bring us very closely together without needing a lot of words. Playing music together creates a sense of togetherness and allows people to communicate with each other without speaking the same language. It’s a great way to find out more about others and establish ties more easily. Music is also a great outlet for things like emotions, which words can’t quite express. It allows us to come to terms with our own emotions and express them. It helps us cope with stress and trauma, which is not just healthier for ourselves but likewise for our immediate surroundings.

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