Music components for your song

In addition to our ONE WORLD-themed samples provided for the song contest, the apps and programs that we’ve suggested contain further musical material. We recommend you download the full libraries of the programs used where possible. These contain numerous loops with samples of drums, bass and other instruments, which you can combine and use for your song. The next video shows you how to download the entire sound library of the Garage Band app.

Click here for song contest samples

If looking online for additional loops and samples, please make sure that you are entitled to use these. Usage rights are granted in the Garage Band app, which means that you may use, edit and freely publish loops from this in the song contest. In terms of loops and samples from other sources, however, to be able to use these within the song contest, they must at least be approved for noncommercial use.

Additional loops can be found here:


Downloading library in Garage Band app

Songwriting-Tipp: Download der Library in der App Garage Band

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Compose with loops

Songwriting-Tipp: Komponieren mit Loops

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Before getting to the nitty gritty of composing your music, we suggest you go over a few important considerations regarding your song. Think about how you’d answer the following questions:

  • What’s the main feeling you’d like to impart through the song?
  • How intensively do you want it to be felt?
  • Is it specifically a feeling you wish to create, do you want to engage the intellect, or simply create a catchy tune, or all three?
  • What style are you thinking?
  • Which artist could you imagine singing such a song?

Now download the loops that match your idea. You should ideally start with loops from the Garage Band app (or from the app you are working with) and then add loops from the song contest website.

If using Garage Band on an iPhone or iPad, save the loops under Files -> On my iPhone -> Garage Band -> Garage Band File Transfer.

Start making music for your song by selecting samples and combining them. Watch the techniques in the video "Composing with Loops".

IMPORTANT: If you wish to start in Garage Band with a sample from the website, you first need to configure the tempo that the sample has. To do so, tap on the song settings at the top right. You will then be able to drag the sample into an empty clip as shown in the video “compose with loops”.

Text: Tobias Rotsch