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The Song Contest finals

Experience once again the final decision for the third round of the Song Contest in our video. We turn back time to December 4, 2019 - the day when "Molotov zum Blumenstrauß" became the new EINE WELT song (ONE WORLD song)!

Great live performances with strong messages for ONE WORLD – on 4 December 2019, the jurors at the second main jury meeting once again faced the difficult task of selecting the winners from the top 5 finalist songs! And now – drum roll please! – these are our main prize winners:

The first prize and therefore the title as the “EINE WELT song” goes to the song “Molotov zum Blumenstrauß” by Byrd & Ward! This song will provide the supporting hymn for the ninth edition of the School Competition on Development Policy and will feature in its own professional music video. With their song Byrd & Ward send a wake-up call to their parents' generation and provide an alternative to the world in which they grew up. They focus on the desire for peaceful coexistence in the ONE WORLD. The second prize was awarded to “Die Totenköpfe” for the song “Kinder dieser Welt!”. Third place went to Alina feat. Mika for the song “Mutter Erde”.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners and thank all the finalists for their great live performances. We can’t wait to see you all on stage again at the big EINE WELT festival (ONE WORLD festival) next autumn!

You can find the press release here. (in german)
You can find the press photos here.
You can download more pictures here.
Here you can read all the results and listen to the winning songs. (in german)

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Photographers: Kolja Matzke / Thomas Kölsch

Those were the TOP 5!

The members of the first main jury had already met intensively in October and selected the five finalists of the third round of the Song Contest "Dein Song für EINE WELT!“ (Your song for ONE WORLD!). These five songs entered the race for the main prizes and the title of the EINE WELT song (ONE WORLD song) on December 4, 2019. You can see who the finalists were in the short videos!


On 8 and 9 October 2019, the first main jury meeting for the third round of the Song Contest took place at the premises of the Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion e.V. in Berlin. The jurors decided on the places on the EINE WELT album Vol. 3, the special prizes ("Latin America", "Africa" and "Best Video"), the recognition prizes as well as the TOP 5, which go into the race for the title of the EINE WELT song. Here are some impressions of what happened!

Short film: TOP 5
Short film: Special prices