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Weren’t able to be at the EINE WELT Festival this year? Don't worry, we’ve put together a BEST OF gallery with the very best impressions! Take a look and enjoy!

Here you find the BEST OF gallery

Music video
Gideon Glock ft. Franz Funke “Mauern (Second ‘89)”

The grand prize winner of the second round of the song contest, “Gideon Glock feat. Franz Funke” won a professional music video shoot for their EINE WELT song! Watch the music video for “Mauern (Second ’89)” now! The video and the song are an appeal to us all: help break down physical and intellectual barriers and contribute to a peaceful and tolerant co-existence. The video was produced with Berlin music non-profit initiative Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion. You can also hear the song on the EINE WELT Vol. 2 album.

Take a look behind the scenes at the making of the music video

The new EINE WELT album vol. 2 is available now!

The new EINE WELT album vol. 2 is available now! All 23 winning songs have been produced on two CDs, including the starting song by Fargo and Jamie-Lee Kriewitz. Get your free copy!

Order the EINE WELT album.
Download the EINE WELT album. [ZIP file | 196 MB].

This was our EINE WELT Festival!

On 21 June 2018, the EINE WELT Festival took place in the Admiralspalast in Berlin, following the award ceremony for the German Federal President's school competition on development policy. Alongside the song contest’s 23 winners, including victors Gideon Glock and Konrad Mellentin, prominent musicians also took to the stage. Present were: Adel Tawil, Johnny Strange, Fargo, Cross, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, Wohnraumhelden and other special guests! We would like to say THANKS to all the visitors, song contestants and, of course, the prominent supporters for their great concerts and a great festival!

Press material: 


Both the ONE WORLD (EINE WELT) Festival and the award ceremony itself for the eight round of the school competition on development policy entitled “alle für Eine Welt – Eine Welt für alle” (“All for ONE WORLD for all”) were held on 21 June. A musical interlude by song contest winner Luise Skupch uplifted the occasion, prompting reflection with her song “Mind Game (Gedankenspiel)”.

Luise Skupch elated audiences with her song “Mind Game (Gedankenspiel)” during the award ceremony for the German Federal President's school competition on development policy.


Winners of the song contest and school competition on development policy had the chance to come together on 20 June: the around 500 children and young persons converged at the Statthaus Böcklerpark centre in Berlin, enjoying the opportunity to chat. Winners of the current song contest round were also joined in attendance by two winners first through successfully: Andre Fischer and Ezekiel Nikiema added to the program with a delightful musical score.

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Under the motto “COLOURFUL - LOUD - LIVE”, the EINE WELT Festival will be held in the Admiralspalast in Berlin on 21 June 2018. The festival is the finale of the second round of the Song Contest, and promises to offer a high-quality programme. Our festival trailer shows you what exactly you can expect to find in Berlin, and which stars will share the stage with the winners of the Song Contest.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Info flyer on the EINE WELT Festival


As well as the main prizes and the honouring of the winning songs with a slot on the new EINE WELT album, several recognition prizes were also awarded during the second Song Contest. Here, the focus is on providing individual coaching for participants, as well as networking among each other. The first recognition workshops have already been held in the Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion e.V. in Berlin.


Gideon Glock and Konrad Mellentin had no idea that their song had been selected to be the new ONE WORLD-song, when we had invited them to an alleged photo session at the Kreuzberger Musikalischen Aktion e.V. in Berlin. There, Andre Fischer, the winner of the first song contest round, surprised the two musicians and delivered the happy message that their song “Mauern (Second ‘89)” has been elected as the new ONE WORLD-song. The joy of the two winners was huge!
Once more the Song Contest Team warmly congratulates!


In November 2017 the main jury came together and crowned the winners of the Song Contest out of 32 finalists. Also they determined the ONE WORLD-Song, which will be the anthem of the 8th round of the school competition on development policy. Here we present you the impressions from the main jury meeting!

All information about the main jury meeting you find in the press report
Here you find more information about the school competition

Song Contest live at the Kirchentag!

Song Contest live at the Kirchentag! During the German Evangelical Kirchentag (church conference) in Berlin on May 27, 2017, the winners of the song contest 2015/2016 performed theirs songs for ONE WORLD and many new self-composed tracks live on stage! Among them: Andre Fischer, Crushed (aka Serena), Dorin Ben-David, Friedemann Thierfeld, Maria Oravcova, Philipp Jung and Zoe Hoffard. The participants of the song contest supported each other during theirs performances and showed the audience what it means to be part of the song contest family!

Song contest launched in Münster

On 23 March 2017, musicians and representatives from politics and culture officially launched the latest "Dein Song für EINE WELT!" (Your Song for ONE WORLD!) song contest at Schiller Secondary School in Münster! In a colourful support programme with information stands and participatory activities, partner civil organisations highlighted the ONE WORLD themes.

In a grand concert, Adel Tawil, Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, Fargo, Cross and many more celebrated the diversity of music and living together. Jeannine Michaelsen, who is supporting this latest edition of the song contest, hosted the evening!

Here you can download image material.

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